Collaborative Pianist - Alla Vishnevetsky

Yulia Berry has worked with a professional accompanist, a performer and a piano instructor Alla Vishnevetsky for almost 10 years. Yulia Berry and her students truly appreciated all knowledge, great experience, fabulous musicianship and sense of style that Alla shared with them.

Alla graduated from Kiev State Conservatory, Ukraine, where she earned the Master of Arts in Piano Performance and the Master of Arts in Piano Instruction. She received her Bachelors in Piano Performance and Piano Instruction at The Cherkassy State School of Music, Ukraine.

Alla has a very impressive resume as an accompanist for many vocal and instrumental choruses and music ensembles. Alla has worked for The Boston Conservatory of Music, The Longy School of Music, Emerson College in Boston and the Halalisa Singers, the greater Boston area’s premier world music ensemble.   

Alla Vishnevetsky has over 25 years of continuous teaching experience, working with beginners to advanced students. Many of her students have competed in various music competitions and have won numerous state and regional prizes. 

If you would like to contact Alla regarding piano lessons or recitals, please call (617) 776-5362.


  • I want to express my appreciation for Alla as an accompanist. In my year of flute study some of the most significant moments of growth happened while rehearsing or performing with her. Playing a demanding piece with such a skilled pianist is a special experience that really can't be equaled and is an essential part of ones musical development‎. Her knowledge and support make her the ideal person to work with. 

  • -Jim W, Quincy, MA